The owners at Net Positive pride themselves in their pursuit of helping others succeed. This dedication came from a passion for service, which is the cornerstone of NPC. The ethos of “Service” is ingrained in Net Positive’s culture through various avenues, including community outreach, client support, and service to each other allowing the Net Positive team to make a stronger impact in the world.
Service has been the driving force behind Net Positive’s expansion and continues to draw some of the most talented individuals to the organization (in the valley).


Elevating the standard of engineering in the Central Valley through innovation and service.


Our mission is to make a difference in the Central Valley with our innovative designs adapting to the challenging environmental conditions we face. Our team is always learning so that we can work together for our client’s best interest by meeting schedules, providing thorough communication, and providing balanced solutions for our client’s unique challenges.



Intentionally seeking opportunities born out of challenging project design applications and finding like-minded professionals that share the passion to improve the environment or growing professional skill sets.


Acknowledging the adversity and finding the resolve to overcome while maintaining quality documents and a positive attitude.  Maintaining a growth mindset, finding resilience within yourself, and developing a path forward when an obstacle feels insurmountable.


Finding ways to use our unique skills to improve our community.  Growing professionals who exhibit the ability to elevate a team by exercising humility, reliability, and professionalism with each other and our clients.

Service with a Purpose

Are you a 501(c)(3) looking for Mechanical Engineering Consulting in Central California? If so, please contact us to see where we may be able to assist.  

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