The key to achieving exceptional outcomes in every mechanical design project lies in exploring the “why.” Every project is unique and will present its own challenges. By exploring the intricacies of the project and understanding the underlying needs of our clients, we ensure the goal for every project is met.

Maximizing the Client Experience

The Net Positive Experience starts by prioritizing and maximizing the owner and client experience through transparency, responsiveness, and accountability. We collaborate with your team to tailor a design strategy that fits your specific needs. This includes tackling any site limitations, coordinating with enforcement agencies, or leveraging your specific funding options.

A Customized Approach to Every Project

Just as every project is unique, the engineers at Net Positive understand that every user group is different too. Users can be occupants or maintenance personnel responsible for the systems we create. Therefore, we strive to comprehend their needs and design accordingly.

Balanced Solution

Finding a balanced solution that satisfies the needs of all parties, while also being energy and fiscally responsible, presents a significant challenge—one that will always persist. It’s a challenge we’re continuously pushing ourselves to overcome, embracing the rigor and hard work required to ensure that everyone experiences the Net Positive ethos. Our goal at Net Positive is to reject complacency with the status quo, instead viewing challenges as opportunities to effect change. We prioritize innovation when suitable so that we can continue to support the mission of others.


Rely on our experience to achieve your desired outcome.